The Smart City of Berlin

Berlin currently ranks as 6th on the list of Europe’s Top Ten Innovation Cities and one only needs to look at the major advancements made over the last few years to see why. Through the effective utilization of ICT, concrete solutions have been developed which has led to Berlin progressing toward being a more efficient and sustainable city.

There exists many multidisciplinary projects in Berlin which are to the benefit of not only the citizens but the environment as well. The BeMobility initiative has resulted in more than 2000 electric cars being used on the roads of Berlin. This figure is anticipated to increase and infrastructure such as charging stations and separate lanes are in the process of being developed to ensure the city is equipped to handle the increase.


Berlin is regarded as a pioneer in terms of the evolution of Smart Grids, storage concepts and innovative energy solutions. The consolidation of renewable energies as well as the creation of new technology to increase energy efficiency allows for the energy supply of the city to be in accordance with business and consumer demand.
Metropolitan Solutions, the international conference for smart city proposals, will be held in Berlin for the 2nd time from the 31st of May to the 2nd of June this year. CEO’s of multinational companies, IT specialists, project developers and entrepreneurs will be present to host workshops and exhibitions that will cover a wide range of topics including urban security, climate protection, energy supply and urban tech trends. You can read up on the various programmes taking place over the three day convention here.

Several inner-city sites that are currently in the development phase, such as the Tegal Airport and the CleanTech Business Park, will retain Berlin’s position as leader in modern trade and innovative technology.
Other future commercial developments can be seen on the map.

Done by: Firdows Dockrat

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