New Taipei Smart City Summit and Expo 2016

The city of New Taipei located in Northern Taiwan is one of Asia’s most technologically advanced cities and has continuously strived in the expansion of its ICT (Information and Communications Technology ) and sustainable development industries to become the focal point of Asia’s smart city development. On the 22nd to the 26th of March the annual Taipei Smart City Summit and Expo exhibition took place at the Taipei World Trade Center located in the district of Nangang.


The exhibition was formally introduced by several Taiwanese corporations who came together in 2014 as smart cities developed into a global trend. They saw the future possibilities and business opportunities behind the smart city movement and had a vision of creating an intelligent community.

This year’s exhibition was mainly focused on the ‘Internet of things’ and how different organisations, industries and individuals can come together to showcase their solutions and how they could be implemented in the working environment as well as the community.

A highlight of the summit was the ‘Real Site Demonstration’, organisers together with the Taiwanese Smart City Solution Alliance selected several successful cases of intelligent solutions ranging from transport systems to energy conservation and allowed the developers to give detailed explanations and demonstrations of their solutions as well as share the difficulties they had encountered in the development of their solutions.


There will be something for you at the next Taipei Smart City Summit and Expo whether you would like to showcase products and solutions, share knowledge and experience, or to simply gain updates on the latest in smart city technology.

Author : Masholan Naidoo


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